Amber Bridge Fund

Yuri Sizov

The Amber Bridge is a regional public fund created in 2010 to provide positive and multi- faceted development of cultural, educational and economic international ties in the Baltic region.

Our fund’s projects are aimed at promoting cooperation between regions of Russia, North-Western Europe, Germany, and Poland.

Our fund is an active participant in (as well as a co-organizer of) multiple international events at the regional level.

The fund’s major focus is publishing projects that are supposed to take widest scope of the Baltic nations’ modern life. We currently publish a magazine on different political, economic and social changes that Baltic nations undergo nowadays. We also help publish books on regional studies.

To methodize the development of the foundation’s core expertise, the Baltic Civilization Research Institute (BCRI) was established as part of the Amber Bridge with the support of the Moscow State University. It provides for the fund’s analytical, academic, scientific and organizational activities, primarily those connected with the integration of intellectual potential of ten Baltic nations, which are: Russia, Germany, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Finland, Sweden, and Estonia.

The international status of the BCRI is provided not only by the fact that experts from different Baltic countries are involved in its activities. This think-tank is also well included in the process of international data exchange, as well as focused at the accumulation of ideas that could help northern European neighbours strengthen common ground.

Amber Bridge Fund has offices in Moscow, Russia and Berlin, Germany.

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