The Amber Bridge is a regional public fund created in 2010 to provide positive and multi-faceted development of cultural, educational and economic international ties in the Baltic region.

The Fund has two offices — in Moscow and Berlin. The former also hosts the Baltic Civilisation Research institute — an independent research institution conducting research in different aspects within the Baltic and Euro-Arctic regions.

Featured Articles from the Journal of Regional Studies

“The global gas market: An international perspective” by Pål Rasmussen, Secretary General of the International Gas Union (IGU)
Nr. 3(6) 2015

“Political dialogue between Russia and the North European countries: influence of economic sanctions” by Oleg B. Aleksandrov, MGIMO University
Nr. 1(4) 2015

“Arctic dimension of German politics: National approach and aspects of international cooperation” by Kirill Vyatkin, Amber Bridge Fund
Nr. 2(5) 2015